I came to Greece for the first time in 1976, I was 17 years old and it has been “love at first sight”.

The colours, the perfumes, the sea and landscapes, seemed immediately familiar. But what has caught my heart was greek people.
“Una faccia , una razza”* they kept telling me; and yet I wasn't aware of how many elements of this land were matching us at the same time.

Being part, among the last islands I wished to visit of Greece, Andros caught my attention for its qualities, difficult to perceive by the summer and superficial tourism, horiented towards beaches, sun and sea, that doesn't deepen the knowledge of the peculiarities that identify the island.

Andros is pratically an island almost hidden to mass tourism, from athenians, that they enjoy exclusevely and by the rich ship owners of the greek marine, to whom the island gave birth.


The first thing that we notice, is the richness of water, “Ydroussa” is its ancient name; valleys with torrents that jump into small lakes and run towards wide, white and virgin beaches; cows that pastures on green side of the mountains; planes cultivated with the richest variety of vegetables and cereals. Remarkable notes for a Cycladic island, unexpected.

Finally the “cherry on the cake”: a mineral water spring rich in oligoelements, bottled and sold on the whole national territory.
A second visit, then a third. At the fourth my eye registers the specificity of the local products, perfectly matching with the traditional cuisine of my country.

Questions arise naturally: how could it be a “Pasta con le sarde” elegant and simple palermitan recepy, with the local products? And a “Putanesca”? Or a “Trapanese red Pesto”?

The decision to open the only, original italian restaurant in the island, is meant to be a homage to Andros and the people of the island and a love gesture for the regional italian cuisine.

With the genuinity of the local products, we can find again the authenticity and the freshness that has been forgotten in most of the italian reastaurant in the world.

The choice of the name of the restaurant, “Il Tricolore” (the three colors), sounds patriottic, but has to be interpreted mainly under the gastronomycal point of view. It is evident that most of the recepies of our cuisin, most apreciated in the world, are Red, White and Green colours..........

Italian cuisine is known by almost everybody. But few are aware and have the knowledge of the number of fresh-made pasta variety and the regional recepies that can be discovered only by going to Italy.

Sardines just fished, eggplants, “Dopio” cheese made on the island very similar to our “ricotta”, sun dried tomatoes, capers, oregano, olive oil and many other things, added to my love for the italian regional cuisine, have created this alchemy for this magic potion named: « Il Tricolore Andros ».

Silvio Cerutti