Italian cuisine

Intruduction to regional recepies of italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is known worldwide thanks to recipes of pasta, pizza and rice.

The variety of plates more or less known come from the regions that sees the most numberous foreign tourists, plates from Bologna, Rome, Florence , Naples, Milan and Venice.

But the history of Italy, that has been unifyed only 250 years ago, has been subject to influences of cultures and traditions of several regions of Europe and from the Mediterranean.

Even today, not only the foreigner but also the northern italian, hasn't tasted “Culurgiones” of Sardinian cuisine, or “Pasta cù li sardi” of Palermitan cuisine. Viceversa, in Calabria or in Sardinia, they don't know “Misultin” that are small fishes from Como lake prepared in sweet and sour, or “Gubana” a cake made with raisins, nuts, pine seeds and grappa from Friuli.

It is considerable the variety of the recipes on the territory, mainly prepared with local ingredients, from the land as from the sea, of meet, vegetables and sea food.

Italian territory that joys the four seasons, of microclimas and every geological variety, mountains, planes, vulcanos, sea, islands; has produced moltitude of  vegetals and farms of any kind.

Is a country that has known very difficult periods in its history, often the prime matters were scarce, cultivations coudn't produce on a large scale and livestock was a luxury for most of the country people.

This has produced the research and the use of wild herbs and berries, alternative seafood; the creation and sperimentation of new matching tastes, for example just the different way to cook bread, think about the “michetta” or “Carasau” or Altamura's bread.

And what about the spaghetti, that we are sure they were born in China, the “noodles”, but the variety of shapes and preparations of pasta made in Italy, haven't equals; furthermore the rice, asian primary food, but never thought and prepared as “risotto alla milanese”.

The tomato itself, originary from America, has found his exhaltation on the italian peninsula, “pelati San Marzano”, cherry tomatoes from Pachino, “camoni from Po valley. Etc.

For passion of italian cuisine, for pride and the pleasure of the taste, the target of this writting is to make known the most possible of the regional italian cuisine to the foreigner clientele.

The concept of fresh made pasta